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The Joyful Connection Through Art

An older lady visited our open studio earlier this year. She fell in love with a particular cat painting, but prints weren't available at that time. She seemed very disappointed, so I told her, "I'll make it into a print, just for you! I promise you'll see it next time!"

Although I wasn't sure if she would come to our winter open studio or if she would even remember, I always remembered telling her, "I'll make it into a print, just for you!" So, I did it anyway.

The last time I saw her was months ago, and I wasn't even sure if I could recognise her when she showed up. However, when she finally walked through the door on the second day of the open studio, I spotted her right away as her petite figure ran to me, saying, "CAT! Where is my cat!" with her bubbly energy.

I had only printed two pieces for this two-day event (which turned out to be a bad idea). When she came in, I had the last one on the shelf, as if the cat had been waiting for the lady to take him home.

"I've been thinking of this cat recently!" she said, looking so happy.

'I know!! I'm glad you have it! It makes me happy too." I couldn't help but smile with her.

Before she left, she told me she was going to frame it as soon as she got home. It was the first time in ages I realised that what I do actually brings people joy, and that realisation brought me so much peace. I'm glad I kept my promise, and so did she. I cherish the little connection we built through my art.


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