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"I'll catch you when you fall."

I sold a painting at our open studio! I've been working on "The Girl and the Unicorn" series this year. Since the series doesn't have an exhibition with a gallery, the open studio is the first time they are exhibited and shown to the public. It's still surreal for me that people actually look at them, adore them, and want them to be a part of their life.

A lady came on the first day of the event. Very late that night, I received her email asking me to hold the painting for her. When she came in to pick it up the next day, she told me she had feared the night before, thinking she might be too late to claim it and would miss out.

As I took the painting down from the wall, her excitement couldn't be hidden. "I LOVE IT!" she exclaimed as if she was looking at her favourite thing. And it meant the world to me because I was the one who created that piece.

Out of a million ways of spending money, I feel grateful that people chose to spend it on what I brought to the world. It's as if my creations are something they can't live without. No matter how much art I sell, I'll always be thrilled and thankful for that.


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