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Trista Yen [Min I, Yen] 

After graduating from the University of Brighton with a Masters in Sequential Design and Illustration in 2015, Trista focused on illustrating Children's books and publishing two children's books in Taiwan. She's always interested in education, psychology and mental health; art and illustration are her tools to express herself.


Trista enjoys drawing animals, especially bears. Her main clients are children's publishers. She is also developing her skills in greeting cards and surface design. She primarily works digitally, but recently picked up her paint brushes again to explore more possibilities in illustration.  She started to apply her designs to different products and established her brand "Miss Noproblem" in 2021.

Outside of illustration, Trista is a purple 
belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and enjoys photography and eating cheesecake.



-Artist / Visual design of Taiwan Arts Festival Edinburgh

-Artist of Pop-up art fair hosted by Hello UK!

::Publication ::


*2020-Luca's lantern 

Written. Illustrated by Trista

Published by Nan I Book Enterprise Co., Ltd.
ISBN: 9789574436811

*2018-The Best Place in the World  

Photo. Text/Published by Yan Mingyi Nan Yi Book Company

Written. Illustrated by Trista

Published by Nan I Book Enterprise Co., Ltd.
ISBN: 9789574436064

*2018-Teal, Two Homes Homes of Green-winged Teal  

Author/Wang Wenhua Illustrator/Yan Mingyi Cobao Culture Publishing, Cooperative Picture Book of Taijiang National Park

Written by Wen-Hua, Wang  Illustrated by Trista

ISBN: 9789860545760

*2017-The Bad Bad Wolf The Bad Wolf   ​

Author / Illustrated by Chen Xiaoyun / Published by Yan Mingyi Xiaokangxuan

Written by Xiao Yun, Chen  Illustrated by Trista 

Published by Kang Hsuan Educational Publishing Corp.

ISBN: 9789861519456



Disney Taiwan / Yulon Motor Co. / Kang Hsuan Educational Publishing Group / Tourism Bureau of Tainan City Government / China Airlines / Tai-Jiang National Park / Artco Kid / Pearson Hong Kong / Cobo Culture / Cub Culture /Hourly Newspaper/ Mook Publishing House/ Parent-Child World Asteroid/ Nanyi Publishing House/ Tianzi Advertising / Kid Castel

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