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Felted bears Artist collection- Andy Warhol

Felted bears Artist collection- Andy Warhol



Transform your space with artistic brilliance through our Wool Felted Bears inspired by renowned artists. Each bear encapsulates the essence of these icons, fusing creativity with craftsmanship. An ideal gift for art enthusiasts, these bears bring a unique blend of artistic expression and cuddly charm to your surroundings

💙Introducing my needle-felted bears!💙


Standing at around 12.5 cm tall (from the top of the head to the bottom of the legs), this hand-crafted creation captures the essence of your chosen artist.


🎁Looking for a perfect gift?
Please DM for the boxed option, ready to charm your loved ones.

Please Note:

These delicate pieces are not meant for play and should be kept away from young children and pets

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